Tarukari (NPO) – 2013

Graphic identity and website for the Tarukari project. Based on the Putre town (Arica and Parinacota Region, Chile), this nonprofit organization (NPO) arises from the goal of conserve the biodiversity of the area, wich, despite being unique in Chile, is outside the State Protected Areas.


The taruka or north huemul, in its low population, is constantly facing the destruction of its habitat and farmer conflicts, becoming with this, the project emblem.


The mix with the colours owned by the badge of Putre and its contrasts, set the gesture and volumes of the animal’s head, shaping the isotype that accompany the name of the organization.


The website, in its purpose of show and gather, has both strong informative and photographic value, wich aims to attract the interest of people.


Tarukari, Research for Wildlife Conservation. (www.tarukari.cl)
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