José Arrieta School – 2018

Graphic identity and website for José Arrieta School.

With the aim of modernizing the image of the school, we initially work on the basis of a new logo.

Old version / proposals / final version:

Taking as reference the old version, the initial proposals seek to complement the “book” idea by adding elements that enhance the educational concept (tree and pencil in this case), without neglecting the solemnity that comes with the design of an emblem. On the other hand, the proposals seek to get a bit away from the traditional form of badge.

Final version

The concept returns to the beginning, but under a renewed design. The duality of color (warm/cool) is maintained but in less traditional tones and, therefore, more unique and typical of the school: the colors go from contrasting saturated tones to paler tones, becoming more modern and “pleasant” visually, favoring, at the same time, the eventual integration of other graphic elements.

The new form of badge, although, remains within a classic format, changes significantly with respect to its old version. The corners are subtly rounded (like typography), there are fewer pointed endings and, as a whole, it is more stylized.


The web is the next step, where it seeks to reflect all of the above: integration and modernity.

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